Resale shop encourages community to clean out closets

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls Faith Mission and Faith Refuge are getting ready to take part in a national homeless count.

The two non-profits will count how many people are living in both shelters and on the streets.

One way people can help in the fight to end homelessness is by taking advantage of Faith Resale, a store that helps the two shelters.

Tim Burney is the director of Faith Resale.  He said the shop has been busy.

"People come by and drop off donations," said Burney.  "We do get backed up, and we get a lot of donations.  We have a lot of customers come through looking for those donations."

The shop started as a way to help fund Faith Mission and Faith Refuge.  CEO of the shelters, Steve Sparks, said they can use the store to help clients.

"We have the opportunity to help individuals who come into our shelters.  Maybe they don't stay there, but maybe they come in needing clothing and other household items," said Sparks.  "Through our voucher program, we're able to send them here, and they are able to find what they need."

Money collected goes to help the two shelters.  Now, they're encouraging everyone to clean out their closets to contribute to those in need.

"This is great to see the community come together and support the Faith Mission," said Burney.  "To know what they are giving is going to help a local cause, to something that has been around and in the community for decades now."

Steve Sparks said $1.76 pays for one meal for a homeless person.

In December, Faith Mission and Faith Refuge purchased their current building.  This will allow them to focus more on the fight to end homelessness.

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