Community leaders tackling drug problem in Graham

GRAHAM, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Leaders in Graham are working to fight the war on drugs in their city.  Donna Horton, Executive Director of Turning Point, said the age of drug users keeps getting younger.

"I've seen 11-year-olds get involved," said Horton.

Turning Point is an organization that counsels drug addicts. Horton said the problem in the city is serious.

"We are finding them on the side of the road," said Horton. "I found one in a donation bin. This is a little bitty town. We should be taking care of our people better."

Young County Sheriff Travis Babcock said while the main drug they see is meth, the office is now starting to see more heroin in his community.

"It is cheaper, and it is a drug that you can get pretty easily that is very addictive," said Babcock.

One way the sheriff's office is working with Turning Point and churches in the area is by launching a ministry program for prisoners.  Babcock hopes this will help change the outlook of the people inside.

"The people that we usually have coming in here, it's like a revolving door," said Babcock.  "They are not coming in anymore. They are getting out there and getting the help that they need, and that is what it's about we have got to get them."

Sabrina Armstrong is the board president of Turning Point. She wants to see a change for the sake of her children.

"I grew up in a house where drugs were everywhere," said Armstrong.  "I don't want my kids or their friends involved in anything like that.  I want a place where they can go out and do what they need to and not be introduced to drugs."

Babcock is confident if the community joins together, they can end the war on drugs.

"We are always going to have a problem," said Babcock.  "We are always going to be fighting the crime and fighting the drug use, but I think that if we will get the message out, hopefully, they will stop."

Another way the Young County Sheriff's Office is working to fight the war on drugs is by adding two K-9 units to the force.  They hope to have them trained and added to their staff officially by February.

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