Henrietta Travel Center on schedule despite cold temps

HENRIETTA, TX (KAUZ) - Construction work froze at the Henrietta Travel Center four days before starting again on Thursday. The crews were unable to work on pipes and lay down bricks.

"They're putting something called stucco which is a water based material that can't be put on when it's freezing," Henrietta Development Director said. "Obviously you can't lay brick when it's freezing because of the cement holding it together."

"All we can do is take advantage of the warmer days, push on the weekends when we normally take a break," Dominic Vasquez Henrietta Travel Center construction manager said.

Which means many of the construction workers will stay put.

"They get hotels here so they work from sun up to sun down," Vasquez said. "We'll add a day to our work week."

The more than $1,000,000 travel center, funded by Texas Capital grants, has been in the works for two years. Now, it is finally taking shape. Gas pumps, a BBQ pit and freezers set to hold goods can all be seen in their place.

With two months scheduled to open, new businesses are still jumping on board.

"It's not 100-percent but it's close to it and we're looking to put a Cinnabon and Aunt Anne's in the line up for food in the store," Vasquez said.

More than 60 people are expected to be employed in this new travel center once it opens as scheduled in late March.

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