Following cold weather wash vehicle undercarriage

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - While the chemicals and salt used to treat icy roads are not needed anymore following the warmer temperatures, it is still there and will not be washed away until we see a decent rain.

First Alert Chief Meteorologist Ken Johnson said the only rain in the forecast is light showers over the weekend.

The lack of rainfall could leave the road salt on your vehicles. Officials at All American Car Wash said undercarriage washes are a must after traveling on chemical and salt-treated roadways.

"(it) can be very corrosive to the metals that are exposed underneath your vehicle, so its a really good idea to get it washed off as soon as possible," Tanner Mueggenborg, Supervisor at All American Car Wash said.

This rotting or corrosion can harm the vehicle's exhaust, muffler systems, and even the frame of the vehicle itself.

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