WF Lottery players try their luck at 2 massive jackpots


WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Friday's Mega Millions winning numbers are 70, 59, 30, 28, 39 and 10.

However, people across the country are trying their luck at not one but two massive jackpots! That Mega Millions jackpot that sits at $450 million and the Powerball that is a whopping $570 million.

No, your math is not wrong that is about $1 billion combined.

"I usually never win anything but it's worth a chance," said Harold Horry.

Even though winning seems impossible the huge amount of cash has lottery players in Texoma taking a chance in hopes of hitting big!

"I mean the odds of winning are astronomical, so I should be smart enough to know you can't win," said Horry. "But you got to try, worth a try."

Many like Horry are just going for it!

"Threw it all out there and just did a quick pick," said Charlie McBride. "Hope the stars are aligned for me to win and hope I get lucky."
Not everyone is leaving it up to the computers.

"I do two {tickets} of my own numbers," said Bonnie Cannon.

Cannon not only has a strategy, and grabbed two quick picks too, but also has her go to numbers.

"My mother and her sister, one year before she passed, they picked a set of numbers together and they thought they won," said Cannon.

She said they actually did call their numbers.

"But it was on the wrong night, so I use those numbers also," said Cannon.

So, what do these lottery players plan to do with all that cash?

"If I win I will pay my son's college off," said Horry.

McBride said he would save some of the money for a raining day and pay for college.

Cannon would like to build a big church and help children and animals in need.

When asked if buying a Porsche or a Ferrari would also be in the plans, she laughed and said: "yeah maybe!"

The Powerball jackpot totaling $570 million will take place Saturday at 10 p.m.

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