Montague County adds K9 unit to help keep crime off streets

MONTAGUE COUNTY,TX (KAUZ) - The Montague County Sheriff's Office has added a new member to the staff that they hope will help the county.

The difference is that this staff member will walk on all fours.

It has been several years since the sheriff's office in Montague County has had a K9 unit, but they have welcomed Ace, their newest addition, and hope with his help, they can keep crime off the streets.

Handler Chase Pelton said picking him wasn't hard.

"When we saw him in the kennel, he just kept watching us as we walked around," said Pelton.  "He just fit more of what we wanted."

Montague County Sheriff Marshall Thomas said the office wanted to make sure they had everything right.

"We wanted to make sure we had the right handler, the right dog, and the right policies before we instituted it," said Thomas.

The main use for the dog will be used to keep drugs off the streets, but he is considered a multipurpose dog.

"He's an apprehension dog, but he can also be used to find children and elderly people that walk out of their home not knowing what they are doing, so we can use them for that as well," said Pelton.

"We wanted to go with narcotics detention, but after talking with other handlers with other agencies, we decided to go with multipurpose," said Thomas.

Pelton spent 7 weeks with the Belgian Malinois at the training facility in Indiana.

"We uprooted him (Pelton)," said Thomas.  "He is newly married, and we sent him off to Indiana to be trained.  He's going to be a really good fit for the K9 program.  He has the drive, and he has a really good office."

Pelton wants to see Ace make a difference in Montague County.

"We're going to do what we can to get the bad guys off the streets and save as many lives as we can," said Pelton.

The sheriff's office was able to purchase Ace with money collected from drug seizures in the county.

The office has already started getting requests for the K9 to visit schools in Montague County.

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