Sidewalk along Kemp Street completed and opened

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Walking along parts of Kemp Street for many years has been an issue and now a sidewalk to fix the problem is finished.

It's already open, but a few details are still being completed. What's left is some work on the signals, finishing curb work on the corners, and installing some ramps.

Construction began in August and Director of Public Works Russell Schreiber said everything will finish on schedule and on budget.

Schreiber said the goal is to give people more transportation options who shop at the mall.

"It certainly, we feel like, will be used by the public," he said. "Just make it more convenient for people to get around by walking up and down the sidewalk on Kemp Street as they need to."

The sidewalk extends along Kemp Street from Midwestern Parkway to Southwest Parkway.

The project cost $482,000. Eighty percent was paid for by TxDOT and the rest by Wichita Falls.

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