City of Vernon to add two new water wells

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - Wilbarger County enacted a burn ban earlier this week. Now Vernon officials are working to make sure they're prepared for the worst.

Vernon, like most of Texoma, found themselves in the drought three years ago. The city is now hoping the addition of two water wells will help.

They currently have 41 water wells and Marty Mangum, the city manager of Vernon, said they're working on rejuvenating two just in case the city

experiences another drought situation.

"We were very lucky that it didn't damage us as far as our ability to provide water but it made us aware that it could be a problem," Mangum said.

Water wells are the only source of water for the city of Vernon. Mangum said out of the 41 wells they have 26 of them are operating most of the time and the others are left on standby for high demand.

"It's very important that we protect these groundwater wells because that's how we get 100 percent of our water," Mangum said. "We don't have any reservoirs or any lakes that we draw from."

The city manager said the city has a drought contingency. They're still in stage one of their contingency plan so they give residents advice on how they can help conserve water.

With these new wells, the city will be able to produce more water

"It will increase what we can produce by 10 percent," Mangum said.  "That's what's most important because most of the time when you're in a drought situation or you're in a heavy use situation you're not storing enough to last you the whole day anyway, you're having to produce that the whole day."

The project is expected to be complete in six weeks and they hope to add three more within the next year or two.

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