Good news for wheat, soil still has moisture in Wichita County

Yesterday's brief rain, wasn't much Wichita Falls only saw a trace of rain. The last decent rainfall in Wichita Falls was December 19 with 0.72 inches of rain. After a brief analysis of soil moisture in a wheat field in Iowa Park with David Graf, he said the cooler weather is helping keep some moisture in the soil.

"What's surprising yet, in fact in this field, that's behind us, there's still a little moisture. After you get three, four inches deep there's still a little bit of moisture there, but then when you get below that it starts drying out again," Graf said.

Fields further west where there has been less rain, and areas with more of a sandy soil may not look as good as fields in Wichita County. Graf also said timing was key. This year many farmers who planted early seem to have better looking fields at this point because they were able to develop a better root system before it got too dry.