MLK mural comes to life

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Artists put the finishing touches for a mural to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr at the MLK Center in Wichita Falls.

Jason Bly, Midwestern State University Assistant Professor of Art. Painting and Drawing, and several of his students spent six weeks painting it.

Bly said the artwork already has people talking because many people have shared their stories of that time period while he and his students painted.

Bly said they wanted to capture the huge impact Dr. MLK Jr left.

"We're really holding onto this idea of hope, inspiration and influence," Bly said. "I think being in this era and thinking about his life and those thoughts we're really trying to embed this mural this feeling of joy and very colorful imagery."

It was made possible through the Innovation Grant available through the city and the Wichita Falls Alliance for arts and culture.

The unveiling of the mural is Saturday, January 20 after the MLK Prayer and Scholarship Breakfast at the Wichita Falls Multi-Purpose Event Center.

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