Truck drivers fight gusty wind


WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The gusty wind gave truck drivers a tough time Monday. Many said they had to be extra cautious behind the wheel as they made their way to their destinations.

Raven Rodriguez was on his way to La Porte, near Houston. He said he knows the wintry weather will play a big role in how he gets from point a to point b.

"Expect the unexpected with these trucks," said Rodriguez.

He adds with the wind, ice and all of the other cars around them there is a lot to consider.

"We don't want to hurt nobody," said Rodriguez

Staying alert behind the wheel is always important, but with wind gust reaching the low 40s, there is no room for error.

"It blows your truck all over the road," said Rodriguez. "You got to slow down and just focus on the other cars what they're doing, as they're coming around you, behind you."

Douglas Mason said while it might take them a little longer to get where they need to go, it is worth it for their safety and other drivers.

"If you go too fast and too much wind abruptly hits you at once it can really throw you out of your lane," said Mason."It's just best to slow down and take it easy."

What they are hauling is also a factor. Mason said those who have a fully loaded trailer have more weight so it is not so bad.

"But when you have one that is fairly light and a van trailer like I have, the wind can push you around a little bit so you really got to stay on guard," said Mason.

Those truck drivers add it is important for drivers to remember to give them some extra space and to stay out of their blind spots, especially on wintry days when road conditions are risky.

Wind and possible ice also made for a busy day at Falls Truck Center. From repairs to tire chains, truck drivers stopped by to make sure their big rigs were winter ready.

"Anti-freeze and all that stuff and running good because you do not want to break down in weather like this," said Rodriguez.

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