Jacksboro ISD gets grant for career programs

JACKSBORO, TX (KAUZ) - Jacksboro High School students will soon have the opportunity to register for a carpentry program after the district was approved for a Perkins Reserve Grant for $73,000.

"For someone to get out and become a master carpenter they have to complete 8 units of studying and it usually takes about 2 units per year, so we're looking into a 4-year program to finish up everything," Dwain Milam, Jacksboro ISD Superintendent said.  "We feel like we can start our students here and get through units 1,2 and 3 before they graduate."

Milam said they reached out to a carpentry organization in Arlington to learn how this program could help their students in the future.

"They mentioned within the last year and a half through their organization they've had zero unemployment," Milam said. "So the folks that are going through their programs are getting jobs and getting jobs immediately."

However, this isn't the only new thing students will see at Jacksboro High School.

Milam said they also plan to add a new anatomy and physiology lab.

Randi Fry, a science teacher, said this addition will give her students the opportunity to get a head start on their careers.

"It gets them interested in this career now and they don't leave and wander around in college for a year trying to decide what to do," Fry said.  "They know their passion already when they leave."

Fry said with this grant students will not only learn out of textbooks but will also go hands on.

"We all know the more you see something the more time you get to practice it, the more times you hear it the better you retain it. So, not only do I feel like it's helping these kids get into these careers but I also feel like it's making them better because we're giving them this information so many times," Fry said.

Students who sign up for anatomy and physiology will also get dual credit from Weatherford College.

These programs are expected to be available for students next school year.

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