App claims to report sickness similar to weather

App claims to report sickness similar to weather

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Newschannel 6 First Alert Team said the cold temperatures are not letting up and neither is the flu. Ten more cases were reported at CommunityMed Urgent Care on Tuesday.

There is an app that claims it can help you stay one step ahead. It is called Sickweather app. It alerts users where illnesses are being reported in their area and nationally.

It is reported by its users and social media.

"If someone tweets they have the flu or bronchitis, we are able to qualify that statement and when the location of information is available we are able to put it on a map, Graham Dodge, Sickweather app CEO said.

The app's scripts filter out words that are not related to being sick but use similar wording like 'dance fever.'

"What we're left with at that point are people talking about their symptoms in real time, in the street level in some cases," Dodge said.

The more users report or the more status updates are made on social media then more reports are available to users.

"I can already see in Wichita Falls for example that there are more reports of flu than anything else in that area," Dodge said.

Users can look at symptoms of illnesses to help them report what they may have. Jana Vieth, a nurse practitioner at CommunityMed Urgent Care, said it is not the best idea.

"People self-diagnose themselves so it's not necessarily accurate," Vieth said.

The app recently updated to connect users with certified doctors, 24-7 after partnering with WellVia, Dodge said it helps users report symptoms more precisely and treat any potential illnesses anytime.

Vieth said it can help people who do not have time to see a doctor but it should not replace actually seeing one.

"A physician over the phone can't look in your to see if you have an ear infection. a physician over the phone cant look down your throat for pockets that indicate strep throat," Vieth said.

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