Historic church goes up for sale

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A historic church in Wichita Falls is looking for new owners.

Fain Presbyterian went on the market in 2016.

The church opened the doors in 1950, and people say one of its most unique features are the stain glass windows.

"They were specifically designed for this building, and this site and the rose window has just been a gorgeous addition to the church," said Doctor James Estes, moderator of building and grounds.

Dr. James Estes has been apart of Fain Presbyterian for more than 50 years.

He and his wife got married here and have seen the highs and lows.

"Almost immediately, the church began to grow, thanks to two early pastors who were presiding over the church," said Estes.  "An addition was needed, and the back part of the building was added at that time."

A change in demographics and church habits would cause the congregation to lose members.

Fain Presbyterian would join New Covenant to create New Hope Presbyterian Church.

"It brought us up to about 111 members at that time, which is a fairly good size," said Estes.

Those numbers are back down to about 50 members.

The decline in numbers and cost to keep up the sanctuary would cause the congregation to move their worship service to the fellowship hall.

The decision was made in 2016 to put the church building up for sale.

Michael Detrick is the realtor handling the sale.

"I've never sold a church like this one," said Detrick.  "They don't make them like this anymore."

Time has brought damage to the building.

"It does not make a difference if we are talking about a 70-year-old church or a 70-year-old house," said Detrick.  "That is some miles."

Dr. Estes said even when the building sells, that does not mean the church will end.

"At first, we were talking about selling, people thought about selling the church," said Estes.  "Then we realized, we wouldn't be selling the church.  We would be selling the building in which our church meets."

The congregation would like to see another church come in and take over the building, but understands that it may be re-purposed to something else.

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