Lauren Landavazo's parents relieved trial has been set


WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Kody Lott's trial is set to begin September 10. Nearly two years to the date that police say he killed Lauren Landavazo and injured her friend Makayla Smith as they walked home from McNiel Middle School.

While Lauren's mom and dad know this is going to be a painful and long road to justice, it is one they have been waiting for.

For 502 days. Without their daughter, without justice.

"I miss my daughter and we suffer every day without her," said Bianka Landavazo.

But still she and her husband Vern Landavazo have hope in their hearts.

"I know she would be really proud of us if she was here," said Bianka.

Vern said in return, they would tell her how proud they are of her for the impact she has had on so many lives.

The Landavazo's said they are relieved a date has been set for when their daughter's accused killer will face a judge, adding it can not come soon enough.

"I'm angry that it's taken so long, and that we have to keep waiting and things get delayed," said Bianka. "It's really frustrating because we want justice for our daughter."

For now, the trial is expected to take place in Tarrant County, a move Lauren's parents said they are fine with.

"We knew from the beginning that we would not be able to have a trial here, there's no way," said Vern. "It was just such a horrific thing and so uncommon for this town in particular."

No matter the distance they will be there every day. They want Kody Lott to know they are not going away.

"He will see our face, every chance we can get in there we will be in there," said Bianka.

Vern said they show up to court to let Lott know that while they are devastated, they are not destroyed.

"We are still here, and we will continue to fight for justice for our daughter," he said.

They will not be doing it alone. Even with the trial expected to take place more than 100 miles away.

"We have a lot of family that will be in town, a lot of supporters here that say they will be there as well," said Vern.

Lauren's parents said they cannot bring their daughter back, but what they can do is get justice for their baby girl.

"For Lauren and Makayla and for all the kids that were there that day, that saw and lived through that horrible day," said Vern.

Since the trial is being moved out of Wichita County the state is helping Lauren's family with the travel expenses.

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