WFPD sees increase of car burglaries

WFPD sees increase of car burglaries

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Wichita Falls Police Department is reminding everyone how important it is to lock your cars following an increase in car burglaries.

"All they're doing are checking doors and if the door is locked they move on to the next one. If it's unlocked that presents them an opportunity to get into it and take what they want," Sgt. Harold McClure with WFPD said.

From January 1 to January 14 there's been a total of 19 car burglaries reported and most of them are due to drivers not locking their cars.

"Between 90 and 95 percent of vehicles that are broken into in this city show no sign of force," Sgt. McClure said. "This typically means the vehicle was left unsecured."

RAIDS online, a community crime map, shows most of these crimes took place in neighborhoods. For that reason, Fabian Sanchez said he always makes sure he locks before he leaves.

"A lot of the times I do try to park my car inside the garage so that doesn't happen," Sanchez said. "I haven't experienced it but I've met people that have experienced it especially because they've left something on sight."

Leaving something for thieves to see is the last thing Travis Fox said he will do.

"I never leave my wallet in my car or anywhere like that," Fox said. "You can't trust people now and days I think if somebody sees something of value then, unfortunately, they will smash your window and take off with it."

Although Fox hasn't been a victim he did have a message for those who like to take things that are not theirs.

"Don't steal stuff! People work hard for that. Think about if that happens to you. How would it affect you? Because it affects the person you're stealing from," Fox said.

Sgt. McClure said if you do find someone breaking into your car, don't confront the suspect. Instead be a good witness, get a good description, and call police.

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