iPhone feature could help save lives

BURKBURNETT, Tx (RNN Texoma) - When it comes to emergencies time is crucial.

"I've had two separate incidents where we've had unresponsive patients sitting in a car," Nicholas Long, a paramedic with Burkburnett's EMS said. "One of them happened to be at a school. The mom had pulled up and got in line to wait for their kids and something happened medically."

Long said with no one around to ask what happened Long used her phone to figure it out.

"I saw that she had an iPhone so I pulled it out," said Long. "I Flipped over and she had actually gone in and entered all her information."

He then knew her name, birthday, medical history and some possible causes as to why she was unresponsive.

Long was able to get that information through an iPhone feature called, Medical ID. A safety feature on iPhones where you can store your medical information for emergencies.

Some of that information includes allergies and reactions, medications and even blood type.

However, Long said there is one thing that could also help save some time when it matters most.

"Sometimes you might have two people laying on the ground and there are two phones there," said Long. "Well, there's a way where you can insert a picture into that {Medical ID} next to your name so I know who that goes to."

When setting up your Medical ID you want to make sure you select "Show when locked."  This will allow first responders to see your Medical ID when your iPhone is locked.

"That's what we're here for, to help everybody," said Long.

He believes the app is a great breakthrough for first responders as well as medical professionals.

People can also add the names of their emergency contacts, their phone numbers, and special instructions.

Medical ID is available for all iPhone users underneath the health app.

There are also similar apps available for Android users on Google Play.

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