WF woman concerned about pack of aggressive dogs

WF woman concerned about pack of aggressive dogs

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A Wichita Falls woman said a pack of aggressive dogs is becoming a real concern after she was confronted by them a few days ago.

This alarming experience has left her anxious especially since she lives near Scotland Park Elementary.

"This is a major school area," Sam Mitchell, a Wichita Falls resident said. "These dogs are coming from the river. They're wild, they're vicious and I'm very scared one of these kids are going to get hurt."

Mitchell is now warning others to be careful especially with their kids.

"They rushed up on me yesterday when I was sitting on my porch I had to take this stick after them. They bum-rushed me the other night from across the street," Mitchell said.

She adds the pack consists of three mid-sized dogs that look like greyhounds but with big ears. One is solid black, the other is solid grey, and the last one is brown.

Mitchell needs her cane to get around and said having a pack of dogs roaming around the area has her worried.

"I would never be able to get up, there's just no way," Mitchell said. "I've fallen here before and had to call the police to come get me. It's just scary, it's really scary."

Lou Kreidler, the Director of Health for the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District, said after hearing of these dogs they've scheduled patrol checks.

"The animal patrol officer for that area will patrol that particular area around the resident and around the school several times a day to see if they see the animals that are running," Kreidler said.

She adds it's important to stay away from loose dogs especially if they're aggressive.

"We never want anyone to try to catch the dog, especially one that's been reported to act aggressively," Kreidler said. "Animal control officers are trained specifically to deal with animal behaviors and deal with animals that are acting aggressively so we don't want to take any chance that someone would be bitten."

If you happen to come near these dogs or other aggressive loose dogs you're asked to call animal control at 940-761-7824. You can also call that number during after hours to be transferred to the individual on call that night.

Newschannel 6 reached out to Scotland Park Elementary and they said if a dog is on school grounds staff and administration will get students inside as quickly as possible in order to prevent any injuries.

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