Olney PD cracks cases with new online program

OLNEY, TX (RNN TEXOMA) - A high-tech program is helping a Texoma police department combat cyber crimes.

The program called Oxygen Forensics. It cost the department between $7,000 and $8,000 and was purchased last year with surplus budget funds.

The new software allows police officers to gain access to any information in electronic devices even if the information was deleted.

Sgt. Robert Cross, the interim chief of police, with Olney PD said this software focuses more on mobile devices.

The police department is now able to obtain phone books,  text messages, and other private information.

"We can see your Facebook messages sometimes on there," Sgt. Cross said. "We can see your Instagram account, we can see passwords, we can see emails and all these things."

Oxygen Forensics is used to help stop cyber crimes and that is exactly what its done in the past five months in Olney.

"We've done some child pornography cases in the area. Phones and devices are not just drug cases anymore," Sgt. Cross said.  "We've had a sexual assault case that we actually got some incredibly helpful evidence off of a cell phone."

The software is also being used to combat cyberbullying.

"One juvenile had taken an inappropriate picture of another juvenile in the locker room and was actually sharing it in school which is a criminal offense," Sgt. Cross said.

Sgt. Cross added not only does this new program help save time but could also save lives.

"I know of a specific pornography case where it was nine, ten months and they still haven't had a chance to analyze those computers yet," Sgt. Cross said. "If you think about that that's another nine, ten months that we're not able to identify a victim."

This program allows them to get that information within a day or two.

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