Dangerous fire conditions could scorch thousands of acres

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The high winds and dry grass have fueled several grass fires in Texoma, a Texas A&M Ag Extension Agent said.

That includes two in Wichita County that destroyed hundreds of acres.

"If you get in a situation where there's a fire close to you, 20 miles per hour is basically moving about three city blocks a minute," Wichita County Texas A&M Ag Extension Agent David Graf said.

He said the most vulnerable areas are along roadways. That leaves thousands of homes in possible danger.

"There are roughly 60,000 acres that are in Wichita County that would be susceptible to a fire we are describing," Graf said.

Charlie Bradberry, a homeowner in Pleasant Valley, said sparks from a vehicle caused a fire near his home. He said he and his neighbors acted fast to save their home.

"We were soaking down are bar ditches and we were trying to get the water over the fence so the grass fire wouldn't come to the bar ditch and hopefully not blow across the street," Bradberry said. 'The wind was blowing pretty hard that day."

The grass was cut as Graf advised but it still caught fire because it was dry. Bradberry said the fire yards away from his home lit a flame under him.

"We actually have a fire plan," Bradberry said. "We actually talked about it as a family that if somebody wasn't home, where they were to go or who they were to call."

Graf said homeowners can check the condition of their soil and they should reduce the fuel load for fires. Wichita County is not under a burn ban. There are 11 neighboring counties that are.

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