Wichita Falls ISD hoping flu doesn't close it's doors

Custodians mop the floors at Southern Hills Elementary. (Source: KAUZ)
Custodians mop the floors at Southern Hills Elementary. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Several Texoma schools shut down this week because of the flu. Wichita Falls I.S.D. is open and they're doing what they can to make sure they stay open.

It doesn't matter where your kid goes to school, there's a good chance they will come across the flu.

"We are seeing a much higher number of flu cases than we've seen in years past," WFISD Healthcare Coordinator, Debi Mills said. "We are seeing it at every level. We're seeing it all the way up through high school. But we do look at the attendance and the amount of flu at each school instead of just being district-wide."

That's why the WFISD is doing all the can to clean, educate, and monitor the situation.

Last week there were 253 confirmed cases of the flu at all WFISD schools.

In a statement to parents this week, Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said they are aware of the increase and are monitoring the numbers daily. He added that their custodial team has been using hospital-grade disinfectant in all the schools this past week to clean all of the surfaces.

Mills said there are also things parents can do to help.

"Send a water bottle with your child so that way they're not using the water fountains in the school," she said. "We supply hand sanitizer, but it's really good for the parents to remind their kids to wash their hands with soap and water anytime it's available. And if not, then use the hand sanitizer."

Mills said despite the outbreak, she's hopeful the district won't have to close.

"I don't think that we have even come close to the level that we would have to reach to be required to close," Mills said.

She said they will follow any recommendations from the Wichita County Health Department.

In the meantime, custodians will continue to clean while teachers continue to teach, students continue to learn, and everyone tries to stay healthy.

"Students need to be healthy to be good learners," Mills said. "And if they're sick they are not going to be learning."

Mills believe the best way to keep everyone healthy is for parents to keep their kids home if they are sick with any type of upper respiratory virus.

She added that if your kid runs a fever, keep them home at least 24 hours after it subsides to make sure they are no longer contagious.

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