Kirby students embark on "Road to College" program

Kirby students embark on "Road to College" program

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Kirby Middle School is welcoming a new group of students to their "Road to College" program.

Gonzalo Robles, founder of "Road to College", said he started this program five years ago when he first started visiting high schools students with Cafe con Leche.

"I was very concerned because a lot of them didn't have a clue as to what they wanted to do," Robles said. "They were not even ready so I knew that we had to start early, so I started with a small group of students."

Since then he's come across several parents like Rossy Astudillo who consider their child's education very important.

"Education is the best thing I can give to them as a mother," Astudillo said.  "I want them to graduate and get a better job, unlike my hard job."

Astudillo said she signed up her son, Christopher Astudillo, when he was a Junior in high school because of the number of financial resources "Road to College" was able to provide him.

Now Christopher is walking the halls of MSU.

"Without them, all of the scholarships that I did get, I wouldn't have gotten them because they helped me apply," Christopher said.

This is a helping hand that Robles is willing to do for his new students.

Just last week he welcomed 20 new Kirby families who decided to join the program and help their kids pursue a higher education.

Robles said the new group will meet once a week for six weeks.

"It's basically nine hours of intensive preparation with the parents and students about encouraging them to start thinking and planning for college."

This is a preparation that Shannon Norford, a mother of 3 is all for. In fact, she even enrolled herself back in college.

"I've always stressed education and I feel like if I push them to educate themselves than I need to do it as well," Norford said.

If you have a fifth grader at Zundy or Ben Franklin Elementary and are interested in this program, you're asked to contact their teacher for more information.

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