Wilbarger Co. Sheriff's deputies equipped with body cameras

WILBARGER COUNTY(RNN Texoma) - Wilbarger County Sheriff's deputies have a new addition to their uniforms. All deputies are now equipped with weatherproof body cameras.

"Any incident where they get involved with the public, all they got to do is one foot in motion and the camera comes on," Sheriff Bill Price said. "So they will have their real-time video on that incident which is their point of view of what they see."

Sheriff Price said with this type of evidence it's really hard to refute in court when it comes to any altercations that involve their deputies. But Chief Deputy Clinton Nava said that's not the only new thing about this tool.

"There is an app where all the deputies have on their phone and we can live view what the camera is seeing on your phone," Chief deputy Nava said.

This is an app he believes can potentially save the lives of those behind the badge.

"You can place it (camera) on a stick and reach your hand on the corner, something to that aspect where you don't necessarily want to put your head around the corner or put yourselves in the harm's way." Chief deputy Nava said.

Even though there are already cameras in the Wilbarger County Jail, Sheriff Price said correctional officers also received this new addition to their uniforms.

"If a jailor is responding to a call of a cell, he can have that body camera on his body to show what he is rolling up on to," Sheriff Price said.

Every deputy can review their own recordings, however, Sheriff Price and Chief Deputy Nava are the only ones who can download, review every deputies recording and point out any problems.

Altogether the cameras cost just under $4,000 and no taxpayer dollars were used.

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