T-6 Texan II operations put on pause

T-6 Texan II (Source: Sheppard.af.mil)
T-6 Texan II (Source: Sheppard.af.mil)

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KAUZ) - T-6 Texan II operations have been put on an operational pause by the 19th Air Force commander after a series of unexplained physiological events occurred at multiple air force bases including Sheppard Air Force Base.

According to an Air Force press release, Major General Patrick Doherty ordered the pause beginning February 1 to allow the air force to try and find out what is causing the issues.

"The safety of our instructors and student pilots is paramount and has been our priority and focus," Doherty said in a press release.  "We're acting swiftly, making temporary, but necessary, changes to everyone's training, general awareness, checklist procedures, and possibly modify aircrew flying equipment to mitigate risk to the aircrew while we tackle this issue head-on to safeguard everyone flying T-6s."

The other installations that saw problems with the T-6's were Columbus AFB in Mississippi and Vance AFB in Oklahoma.

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