WFISD introducing farm-to-table program

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls ISD and Chartwells K-12 are partnering with local farmers to bring produce to the schools.

Becky and Jimmy Morath have owned Morath Orchard for more than 30 years.

Now, they are feeding students in WFISD.

"They are eager for whatever we can grow," said Becky Morath.  "They are ready to buy it and try it and keep us going."

This week, the district and Chartwells K-12 announced they will team up with local farmers to bring in fresh produce to the schools.

Marketing specialist, Marci Spruiell, said they wanted to keep up with what is popular.

"The growing trend of farm-to-table it really important to be able to bring in locally-sourced produce for our students," said Spruiell.  "They are very retail savvy.  They like to go out to eat at restaurants.  I think that it is important that we bring that to our students so that they can see what local food is."

Morath hopes this will introduce students to new things.

"We have purple, yellow, and orange carrots to offer," said Morath.  "That may be something that the kids haven't seen before."

"We are very excited to let them discover these kinds of vegetables that they might not get to eat," said Spruiell.

Morath wants to see the plan WFISD has put into place set an example for others.

"I look for our area smaller schools to kind of be looking at Wichita Falls and seeing how this is doing," said Morath.  "I look for them and try to implement some of this stuff."

The program will roll out February 6 at Booker T. Washington Elementary.

The district hopes to spread out to more schools soon.

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