Second wave of flu hits Texoma

Second wave of flu hits Texoma

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A second wave of the flu is hitting Texoma. Several people are starting to get infected with a different strain, Influenza-B.

United Regional officials reported there were 277 reported cases of the flu, 268 of them were infected with Influenza-A and just nine of them had Influenza-B.

Last month, they reported more than double of those cases.

There were 580 confirmed cases of the flu, 320 cases of Influenza-A and more than a 200 percent increase of Influenza-B cases, 250.

"I've had a patient that I treated for Flu-A and they came back and I've treated them for Flu-B," Care Plus nurse practitioner Brandi Perkins said.

She said a side effect of Influenza-B is a more severe fever.

"We've had people even test positive for both Flu-A and Flu-B," Perkins said. "People have had both at the same time."

She said those patients are treated the same.

"If there symptoms have been within 48 hours which is twice a day for five days and if it's longer than that we treat them symptomatically," Perkins said.

She advised the best thing you can do is wash your hands.

CommunityMed Urgent Care Kristina Halberg said the vaccine for Influenza-B is more effective than the vaccine for the other strain.

"We are seeing some decrease in getting the flu in getting the flu shot, especially with Influenza-B a certain percentage of people," Halberg said. "The Influenza-A was less effective with 10 percent per the CDC."

Halberg and Perkins said getting the vaccine also has other benefits.

"We've noticed that people who have gotten the vaccine and get the flu their symptoms seem to be less severe than those that didn't get any vaccine whatsoever," Perkins said.

The viruses have closed down three Texoma school districts, Vernon, Lawton and City View.

Another example of how dangerous the flu can be, on Friday, the CDC reported that in half of the now 53 child deaths reported, the children were otherwise healthy and had no underlying conditions.

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