CASA volunteers needed in Montague Co.

CASA volunteers needed in Montague Co.

MONTAGUE COUNTY, TX (RNN Texoma) - CASA of Red River is asking our neighbors in Montague County to step up and become volunteers.

Right now, there are 17 CASA volunteers in Montague county.

The county has 100 children in foster care.

The percentage is double the state average.

Child advocates say that if they get more volunteers, that number could be lower for the next generation.

Montague County Child Welfare board member, Lorra Lierly, said the cycle of children coming in and leaving foster care is a revolving door.

Right now, drugs in the home are one of the biggest contributing factors things putting kids through CPS care.

"We see poverty, drug abuse, child abuse, and neglect," said Lierly.  "That is the main reason our children are removed from their homes."

A growing number has brought a need for more volunteers in the county.

Laura Grimsinger is the Executive Director at CASA of Red River.

"We absolutely need people to be excited about this opportunity and make a long-term commitment," said Grimsinger.

The child welfare board wants to keep volunteers and foster families in Montague County.

This could lessen the chance children will repeat the cycle when leaving foster care.

"They know the schools, the people, and trends in the county," said Lierly.  "They understand the dynamics in this county."
"When children have a stable, loving, and safe adult, that can really help minimize or reduce the damage that trauma causes in your lives," said Grimsinger.

Lierly hopes more volunteers will put a stop to the continuing cycle.

"We are trying to change the story," said Lierly.  "We are trying to provide them the care they need so we can break the cycle."
CASA is also working to raise $10,000.

That will help them pay for a full-time CASA specialist that will help with those children in CPS care.

If they meet that goal, the Priddy Foundation will match that amount.

CASA of Red River hopes to host an introduction to volunteering event February 12.

If you want to become a CASA volunteer for Montague County, call 940-766-0552 or click here.

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