MSU graduate featured in Super Bowl LII commercial

MSU graduate featured in Super Bowl LII commercial

A Midwestern State University theatre graduate was the lead in the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl LII commercial on Sunday night.

Tommy Day Carey, a Keller, Texas native, graduated from MSU in 1995. Carey said among his peers in California who went to larger universities, his education in Wichita Falls was phenomenal.

"I was in almost every main stage show. And, more often then not, I was the lead. I got a lot of personal attention from the professors who were more than apt in their field," Carey said.

In his spare time, Carey would enjoy singing karaoke at Toby's, now called Mustangs Bar, near campus.

Those singing and acting chops came in handy when auditioning for a commercial.

"I went to the audition and initially I was supposed to be playing golf and they had us singing a song. And then at the call back they threw a mic in my hand and said 'do it like it's karaoke and try to get us all to sing with you.' And I just did my thing," Carey said.

Carey did not know at the time the commercial bit would center around his character so much. But the day of the shoot it was all laid out.

That commercial aired in front of millions during the Super Bowl LII on Sunday. The Hand of God actor hopes this commercial will help continue to advance his career.

"I'm hoping that it leads to more auditions. Next time that the casting directors are clicking on faces when they get a submission they will remember me from the spot and hopefully I'll get a little more traction," Carey said.

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