SAFB to add EOD team leader course

SAFB to add EOD team leader course

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE (KAUZ) - Sheppard Air Force Base could be adding a new course.

The course would be for explosive ordnance disposal technicians to become team leaders according to an article by the SAFB Public Affairs Office.

The course would offer realistic training scenarios that focus on actual operations rather than classroom settings.

"This is the first time our career field's 7-level school has used an 'operationally' focused curriculum as opposed to the traditional classroom curriculum to prepare upcoming team leaders," said Tech. Sgt. Matthew Hulsman, 366th Training Squadron EOD instructor in the article.

The EOD team leader course would add four more academic days to the previous ten-day course and add 34 more training hours.

A start date has not yet been set. Officials hope the course will begin this fiscal year.

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