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March 23, 2018

On Instagram, I follow Weight Loss Transformations that features individuals who embarked on weight loss journeys for various reason.  

It shows side by side photos of what the individual looked like before they started their journey and what they look like now. 

I don’t want to say “after,” because maintaining the weight after you’ve lost it and being healthier does not end; it is a lifelong process that you consistently work on.  And let me tell you, I was amazed by some of them.  

I applauded their success and thought to myself, “I wish I could do that.” Little did I know that I would embark on the same journey myself.   

We are nearing the end of our second month on this journey and I am feeling fantastic! My clothes feel so much looser, I have more energy and feel stronger. 

And the good eating habits that were a struggle when I started are starting to get a little less of a struggle. But, I still have days when I want to throw myself off of the wagon because it would just be so much easier to not care.  

Take yesterday for example. I was tired and craving something sweet so I headed towards the vending machines and stood in front of it contemplating what I would get when I heard this assertive voice behind me say, “What are you doing?”  

It was Samantha, she talked me out of what would have been a bad decision. I could have easily gone back after she left and she wouldn’t have found out, but I did not. My brain was focused on my goal. 

In a conversation with Samantha earlier, she brought up the quote, “nothing good ever comes easy,” and that is true.  

This journey is entirely my own. I get to decide whether I succeed or fail. It’s hard work and takes willpower and discipline to keep on track. 

But, when you want something bad enough you make the necessary sacrifices to achieve that goal.  You can sit and make excuses to try to justify the reasons why it isn’t working, but in the end, the only person you are fooling is yourself.  

I refuse to make excuses.

March 9, 2018

After the last disappointing follow-up where I gained almost all of the weight I had lost so far, I really needed to buckle down and really focus on doing better. 

I managed to be good while eating out, had water, a bowl of soup and side salad on one occasion and had a salad last weekend with grilled chicken at a Mexican restaurant while out with friends. 

Mexican restaurants are the hardest because of chips, queso, and salsa.  But I was good and resisted the temptation to indulge because I knew my one bite was going to turn into a whole bowl that would have been followed by self-loathing and snowballed into a weekend of bad eating habits.  

I also have not made any trips to get the special burger I love from that place I equally love as well. Does it hurt? Yes, a little bit, but I have to make sacrifices. 

Today’s appointment went better, down lbs. and inches. Yay! Hard work pays off! It will get tricky when wine fest comes around on March 24. I asked Dr. Turner how I will manage that and not get off track. 

She gave me a pass for the day, but not a free pass to let loose and just do whatever I want. I can indulge, but I will still need to be very conscientious of what I put in my mouth and be accountable for it. 

Accountability, when it comes to food, that is a struggle and will continue to be a struggle. Dr. Turner said that developing good healthy habits does not happen overnight, but I am on the right track. I am going to work hard not to derail myself.

With CrossFit, I feel myself getting a little stronger. I still get disappointed when I can’t complete quite as many AMRAPs as I want to without having to stop to catch my breath or because some part of my body is protesting or not being able to successfully lift as much weight as I want to. 

But I also need to tell myself I am further along today than where I was when I first started and that it will take time to get there, but I will get there. 

March 2, 2018

My last appointment with Dr. Turner was a mixture of great news and not so great news. 

I gained almost the two pounds I had lost from the previous appointment, but I lost inches in my arms and my thighs. My waist stayed the same. 

The problem is when I get a victory, such as losing the weight, I almost immediately sabotage it by being a little careless when it comes to my eating habits and I temporarily lose sight of my goal. 

Since that appointment, I’ve been trying really hard to stay on track. Temptations are aplenty, but I am learning to be strong and find healthier, better alternatives to quench cravings and to stay strong when eating out. 

I am not going to lie, it is hard. If any of this was easy, I would have been at my goal weight a long time ago and probably healthier too, but it’s not. 

It requires dedication, determination, and commitment. It’s all a learning process. Every day brings its own set of struggles, but I work through it and try to always remember my goal.

Yesterday I got an email from CrossFit Wichita Falls letting me know that it’s my one-month anniversary! Wow, I had to sit for a moment and reflect on that. 

The old me, prior to this challenge, who was curious about CrossFit watched videos and got on websites to get more information about it. I even asked James Warner, our Director of News and CrossFit athlete about it a while back; he encouraged me to give it a try. 

But still, I was reluctant. I thought, there is no way I will be able to do any of that. I’ll just end up embarrassing myself and quitting. I was so wrong. I could not have found a better community of coaches and fellow athletes to be a part of. 

They emphasize the word “family.” I heard it, but I did not truly understand what that meant until I started to pay close attention and observe what was going on around me. 

Here are some of the things I saw. Coaches checking in on you to see how you were doing and address questions and concerns. Coaches encouraging you to push just a little bit further because they know you could do it. 

What that taught me; With their guidance, I could do so much more than what my doubts were telling me I couldn’t do. I saw coaches and fellow athletes cheering and encouraging those of us who couldn’t possibly do another rep. 

What that taught me; they are invested not only in their own success but in everyone’s success. It will take time for me to get to the level of fitness and strength that I want to be at, but I know I’m headed in the right direction.  

With Sam and Debbie by my side and the CrossFit Wichita Falls family all around me, I know I will get there.

February 23, 2018

So this week I made it to regular CrossFit classes! And I am happy to say I survived my first class on Monday! Whoohoo! 

Then the weather put a damper on my plans to go three sessions this week and has kind of put me in a funk as well. I need to shake it off. I was also doing so well with eating until yesterday; it all went out of the window last night. 

I try not to keep food that I am not supposed to be eating in the house or in my line of vision because I know me and I know I can be weak and cave in.  I was craving something sweet. I walked into the kitchen and spied a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the top of the fridge. 

I struggled with myself (2 seconds) and grabbed the box. There were two cups of cereal left in the box (yes, I measured it before I put it into my bowl).  I poured almond milk on it and ate.

Did I feel guilty? Not really, at least not initially. It wasn’t until I logged it in on Myfitness Pal and saw the number of carbs and sugar I consumed. Ugh! 

Food is a struggle and has always been a struggle for me and will continue to be a struggle. I just need to focus and do better. We have a follow up with Dr. Turner this week. Stay tuned to see how I did.

February 16, 2018

I had not been following the meal plan and failed on drinking a gallon of water a day.  When I am at work, my brain is focused on work, remembering to drink a full gallon of water a day, plus trying to fit in 6 meals is a struggle. 

Ok, I take that back, it is possible if I really put my mind to it, but I really needed something that would work with my schedule. 

I also fell off the wagon with one meal.  That was all it took, one meal.  Would you like to know what it was?  Whataburger’s Mushroom Swiss Burger is my current Achilles heel. 

Anyone a fan of McDonald’s Mushroom Swiss Burger?  I am, but I had not seen it on their menu in a while so when Whataburger came out with one, I jumped at the opportunity to try it right before I signed up for the Wellness Challenge. 

It was a piece of heaven on a plate. I mean two premium patties, two layers of premium grilled mushrooms, two slices of Swiss cheese and their creamy Au Jus Sauce…I’m salivating just thinking about it! 

My first attempt at a Whataburger cheat meal came right after a great workout at Crossfit. I pulled out every possible excuse to justify getting one. I don’t have anything to eat at home (nope, that wasn’t it, I didn’t want to eat what I had at home). 

I’ll just do it this one time and no one will know. To Whataburger, I headed. As I drove up to the drive-thru lane, there were a lot of cars waiting in line.  Several had already turned around to leave.  There I sat going back and forth on whether I should stay or go. 

I left, so thank you long line for preventing me from making a big mistake. This, however, was short-lived. I made another attempt a few days later and was successful at getting the burger. 

I enjoyed every bite of it.  I did not regret it until I plugged in the calorie count into Myfitness Pal. 1,110 calories for just that one burger, that was pretty much my entire calorie count allocation for the day!  Yikes!

I was a little worried about my follow up at Got Health Wellness & Weight Management with Dr. Turner.  I didn’t want to confess my mistake, but I did.  Dr. Turner didn’t tell me not to indulge, but she also didn’t give me the green light to overindulge as well. 

She told me ways to scale it down, addressed my concerns about the meal plan and provided adjustments to the meal plan that would work better for me. She continues to hold me accountable. 

I’m down 2 lbs. and down close to 2 ins. in measurements. My clothes are feeling looser and what used to be too small to fit into is starting to fit again. 

A combination of Dr. Turner’s guidance and Crossfit has led to that. I still have a long road ahead of me and I know I will have bad days here and there, but putting in the effort and hard work yields results. Today I will not set myself up for failure.

February 7, 2018

I volunteered for the station’s Wellness Challenge. I thought it would be a great incentive to get back in gear and start eating healthier and exercise. 

One thing you should all know about me is I’m a foodie. I read an interview with Gina Rodrigues in Shape magazine; in it, Gina says, “I’m an equal opportunity eater” about her relationship with food.  That’s how I am. 

When it comes to food, I am game. I will be the first to scope out and suggest trying a new restaurant, new food, new recipe. 

Whataburger has a new mushroom, swiss burger?! Why yes, I believe I will have one!  Did someone say chocolate cake?! I love, love, love good food; but, I also know that consistently overindulging in what I want to eat isn’t sustainable for me or good for my health.  I want to work towards a happy balance between the two.

Exercise, the other thing you should know about me is I have a long history of not being able to commit to any exercise regiment.  Do you want to know how bad? 

One year I was pumped up for a Mile A Day Challenge that I joined via Facebook with other women scattered across the US and the Pacific. It was simple, just a mile a day. Log it by showing a screenshot of whatever fitness app you used. Simple…right? That lasted about 4 months. 

I joined a local gym, did great for the first couple of months, fell off the wagon there. Last year, joined a new boot camp in town. I was doing so well, got stronger, lost inches, tightened muscles…you guessed it, fell off the wagon there too. 

I don’t like commitment, except for work, I’m a work-a-holic, but I digress. Crossfit, I’ve always been curious, but at the same time self-conscious, scared and a little intimidated.

If you were to ask me a while back if I would have willingly joined, I would have flat out said, “nope, not for me.”  So why do it now? 

It’s clearly out of my comfort zone, kind of scary, and looks intimidating. For me, it’s about taking that first step. I want to be a healthier and stronger version of me. 

I can’t do that by sitting on my couch adding exercise moves on Pinterest and adding HIIT apps on my phone then saying, ”ah, I can do it tomorrow.” I’m not going to say it’s going to be easy.  For me, old habits are hard to break, but this is my first step. 

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