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March 9, 2018

YES! That is a word I used too often this past week. I moved into my family's home, that is under renovation, this past weekend.

My room was not ready nor was my new bed. All the moving of furniture and boxes was done by my brother, Ricardo, and I. I also did not have a clean kitchen to work with. 

So, naturally, I grabbed a few groceries that included bottled water, fruit, vegetables and some cheese to get me by. 

I ate out for most of my meals and tried to find healthy alternatives most of the time. But some days, I said YES to chips and salsa, tortillas, Chinese and more.

It showed at my weekly check-in. I had gained 0.6 pounds. I was honestly surprised it was not more with how much I was a YES person this past week.

But today, I am putting my best foot forward after a rough week. These changes will not happen overnight. Although it has only been a month, I have come very far from where I started. 

Next week I hope to update you all on how many times I said NO in an effort to be a healthier me. Until next time! 

March 2, 2018

Dr. Tonya Turner with Got Health? Wellness and Weight Management wanted me to lose five more pounds before Friday, March 9.

She told me this last Friday and today, at my weigh in, I was already down four pounds! That has taken hard work in the gym, but more importantly in the kitchen. 

CrossFit has been challenging and also a blast. It is something that is familiar to me and I am enjoying although it is not getting much easier. 

But food has always been my Achilles Heel. I love to cook and try new dishes but they are not always healthy. I also enjoy social outings with my best friends and we like to DRANK, Okay?! 

However, if I want to meet my goals it is going to take consistency. This body did not get to where it is in a day. It will also not get to where I want it in a day. 

This week I have been doing GREAT with my meals. I downloaded the Tasty app and it has vegan and vegetarian options as well. The recipes were easy to follow and the good was YUMMY!

I have made sure to drink a gallon of water almost every day. I at least drank 100 ounces on the day I did not make it to a full gallon. 

I feel like the last five days of determination paid off for me on the scale. I now need to make sure I keep it up for the next weekend. I only have one pound to lose between now and the next time I see Dr. T but I would rather WOW her instead of just meet my goal. 

Until next time! 

February 23, 2018

Well, since we're being honest here, I have been giving this challenge about a 50-percent effort. I say that because I will have a really good week, then the next something will throw me off track. 

The weather this week has been awful. It has made me not want to do anything. I am also in the process of moving which is stressful enough by itself. 

However, I have put my mind to making sure these next two weeks will go well for me. I have a meal plan set for this coming week and my grocery list is looking pretty good. 

I am down five pounds and lost some inches as well. I will try and keep better track of that because I think it will help keep me motivated. 
Dr. Tonya Turner will get my butt back in gear. She always does.

Now, on to CrossFit. I am having so much fun. The workouts are challenging and there is a lot of stuff I am not able to do. But the coaches scale down every move so I can still get a good workout.

I can tell my strength is coming back and I feel like a BOSS! I enjoy being able to lift heavy weight and show how powerful my muscles are becoming. 
All that strength will come back to me with time. But it's been a blast getting back into a gym three times a week.

One thing I would say I have enjoyed the most just in our first month has been getting closer to my other challengers. Ashley and I have been colleagues for more than four years and we work pretty closely on a daily basis. This challenge is bringing us closer than we've ever been.

Now, Sofia and Debbie work on a completely different side of this industry, so I do not interact with them as much in my day-to-day. But now that we're trying to get healthy TOGETHER they are my favorite people to see every day! 

Sofia, in her Major Payne style, would not allow Debbie and I to skip a workout last night. We tried everything to convince her last night was not our night. But she refused, which is exactly what we needed. We went in and kicked butt and plan to workout again together on Saturday. 

Stay tuned as I work to give 100-percent these next two weeks! 

February 16, 2018

Where do I begin? I hit this wellness challenge head on the first week and did great. 

I prepped plant-based meals and attended a workout class three times a week as recommended. I was drinking close to a gallon of water a day as recommended by Dr. Tonya Turner with Got Health? Wellness and Weight Management. 

However, as the weekend approached, I was excited to get out of town to celebrate my sorority sister's 30th birthday. This trip was planned before I knew I was going to be a part of this challenge. 

That is also what I kept telling myself on the drive down there. "You had this trip planned." "This one weekend will not ruin too much progress." "Treat yo self." Which I did. Have you ever had a slice of pizza on 6th Street? It's amazing! So amazing that I ate two. 

There is also a restaurant that serves all of its entree items on a donut! Who would have thought, right? I had a Monte Cristo fried inside a donut and it was delicious. 

Did I mention our group also attended a 90's bar crawl that Saturday? Let me tell you, the alcohol was flowing. It was a really good time and we made some good memories. 

I also gave myself props for all the walking we did and I made an attempt to drink at least a half gallon each day we were there. 

When I returned to Wichita Falls I realized getting back on track following a fun weekend would be a lot harder than I thought. 

So, naturally, my second week was not as successful as my first. I still attended my workout classes and was eating well a majority of the time. But my water intake was off and some nights I overindulged on not so healthy eating choices. Did I mention how much I like pizza?

To my surprise, when I checked in with Dr. Turner I actually lost nearly five pounds! I even shaved off some inches all over. When I confessed my sins, Dr. Turner offered some advice to still enjoy being social with friends and family but still keeping my long-term goals at top of mind. 

Consistency is the only way I am going to achieve the goals I have set for myself. I cannot fall off the wagon every weekend and expect to still see progress.

For this next week, I want to put my best foot forward and hold myself accountable for the choices I make. After all, those will decide if I succeed or fail.

February 7, 2018

As a child, I was always active. My parents put me in soccer, tap dance and everything in between since I was four years old. 

When I graduated high school all that stopped. The five years I spent in college consisted of late nights studying and maybe a bit of partying, working full-time and eating what my budget allowed. 

Which was not much and more times than not it was not healthy choices. My last semester of college was stressful and I was not eating well, not exercising and had gotten to my heaviest at more than 260 pounds. 

I felt like crap and wanted to make a change, so I did. I got a gym membership, started meal prepping and drinking a gallon of water a day. 

I lost 40 pounds the natural way and gained a lot of strength. But life happens and you fall off the wagon. For me, it was a breakup that led me to several months of self-loathing.

I ditched all the healthy habits I had made and went back to a lifestyle of little to no physical activity, eating whatever I wanted and not taking care of my body. 

That has continued throughout the past few years but I decided it was time to get back on the horse.

I turned 27 this past December on the 27th. As my golden year got underway I wanted to make the most of it by getting my mental and physical health back on track.

When I was approached about joining this challenge I jumped at the chance. It came at the perfect time for me, which is not how it always works. But I am very grateful that it did. 

Although I am excited, I am not naive to the challenges that lie ahead. I am a very social person, so eating out and getting drinks it something I enjoy with friends. But doing so now, I will need to work to make better choices. It will be a struggle. But nothing worthwhile ever came easy, right? 

Being an athlete most of my life, I am excited about CrossFit. I know it will be disappointing to see how far I have let myself go but I am also excited to see where this journey is going to take me. 

Doing so alongside people I have the pleasure of seeing every day will be nice and have worked with for years will help me out a lot. 

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