Coloring book helps local organization fundraise

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Big Brothers Big Sisters wanted to raise funds in a more creative way while also highlighting the community.

They came up with "Color Something Big", a coloring book that has drawings of Wichita Falls' staple locations. Kids and parents are having fun using the book as a sort of scavenger hunt by going around town and matching the drawings with the real places. Some students have even been able to use the book in their history classes to learn about their hometown.

Each picture was drawn by the board members of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Board member Nick Schreiber came up with the idea that's helped people show the area some love. "What do we need to do to improve the city, to keep people here, to retain citizens," he asks. "You do that by having pride in your community and having things to have pride in in your community…. It's just a fun activity for children growing up in Wichita Falls to identify with certain locations."

Each page is sponsored by a local business. Some of the books have been bought and donated to schools in the area. Big Brothers Big Sisters is hoping to get the book in some waiting rooms of local businesses as well.

The book costs $5 and the proceeds go directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters. It can be purchased at their office in Wichita Falls, or online at their website.

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