WF city leaders hope new Golden Chick helps grow city's north side

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A ribbon was cut. Doors were unlocked.

Golden Chick off I-44 and Airport Drive in Wichita Falls is now open. It's their fourth store in the city, first on the north side.

"We're really excited about getting one of our prototype buildings on the ground here," Senior V.P. of Golden Operating Corporation, Mike Jensen said. "We've wanted to be on the north side of town for a long time."

The chicken chain has had their eyes on the north side for many years because of the expansion near Sheppard Air Force Base.

Golden Chick is happy their dream has come to fruition, and city leaders said there's more to come.

One worker at the base immediately took advantage of the new chicken restaurant.

"It has been vacant there for a while," Larry Carson said. "And who doesn't like chicken. So it's opened up and here we are."

Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Brown said the expansion started when Wal-Mart opened on Airport Drive, creating more foot traffic.

He said businesses have seen that and see it as an opportunity. But he said north side doesn't naturally glow like some areas. So the city does what they can to help.

"We make a cognitive effort on trying to provide incentives for businesses to move to those areas or anything that we can do as a city within our authority to help promote growth all over," Mayor Pro Tem Brown said.

He said the growth may not be noticed like it is in other areas, but said it's about the citizens more than growth.

"We're trying to make their lives better," Mayor Pro Tem Brown said. "If this is one way that we can help and private business can help make their lives easier, then we're going to do that."

"This is a wonderful business," Carson said. "More businesses are coming, there are more jobs, and it's great for the economy. Who could question that."

Mayor Pro Tem Brown said there's an ongoing effort for more activity on the north side this year than years past.

He said to some Golden Chick might not seem like a big deal, but it's actually a huge deal to get even more foot traffic in the area and give people who work or live in that area more options.

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