Treated water settlement reached by Electra and Iowa Park

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - After more than a year of negotiations between the cities of Electra and Iowa Park, a settlement has been reached regarding unpaid dues of potable water, according to the City of Iowa Park.

In June 2016, Electra's water meter read 15 million gallons of water was consumed. According to Iowa Park city officials, that was almost as much as the three previous months combined.

While Iowa Park's water purchases had also substantially increased, officials in Electra questioned the accuracy of their meter. The meter was replaced after that and Electra continued to purchase water from Iowa Park.

Since June 2016, Electra contested charges invoiced by Iowa Park and an unpaid balance of $83,000 has been on the Electra account.

In accordance with an agreement made back in 2005, when water lines were constructed between the two cities, the average of the meter readings from the three previous months was used to estimate a volume of water for the contested reading.

On February 9, 2018, Electra paid nearly $23,000 to fully satisfy the unpaid balance on its account. Officials in Iowa Park said the city will continue to honor the agreement to provide wholesale potable water to the city of Electra.

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