Faith Mission celebrates 60 years in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A Wichita Falls non-profit is celebrating 60 years in the community.

Wichita Falls Faith Mission has spent the last six decades fighting poverty and homelessness.

The CEO of Faith Mission, Steve Sparks, remembers growing up volunteering at the shelter.

"My father preached, and my mom played the piano," said Sparks.

Faith Mission started in 1958 in a small room on Ohio Avenue downtown.

"It was just a few beds so that men could come in off the streets and get a meal and have a bed to sleep," said Sparks.

Since then, the non-profit has helped men, women, and children get off the streets and back on their feet.

One couple is Stephanie and Lloyd Rodgers who are now giving back by volunteering.

"Every time someone gives to you, you should be able to return the favor, but it is a blessing that we get to do it," said Lloyd Rodgers.

While the Rodgers family were able to stay in family housing, their son became close to the staff.

"The staff and the programmers here made him feel at home, and he has come out of his shell.  He interacts with the programmers and staff and people that come in," said Stephanie Rodgers.

Sparks said the biggest supporters are people in the community.

"The city has literally fallen in love with what we do here," said Sparks.  "They always step up to the plate whether it is the Mission or The Refuge.  Whenever there is a need there, they always step up to the plate."

The goal of Faith Mission is for people to see that every story matters.

"For every failure, there is another person behind that person who maybe is going to see their lives change completely," said Sparks.

"You could come in here on your lowest point ready to give up," said Stephanie Rodgers.  "Just interacting with the staff and people brings out the best in you it makes you feel a lot better."

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