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Rider HS program helps students manage stress

(Source: KAUZ) (Source: KAUZ)
(Source: KAUZ) (Source: KAUZ)

For students, it can get tough juggling homework, activities and their social lives.

That is why a new program at Rider High School in Wichita Falls is helping to teach them techniques on how they can deal with anxiety and stress.

Monique Harris, Communities in Schools site coordinator at Rider, started the  “Four Cornerstones of Resilience.”

Harris is a former Air Force air traffic controller and is using the "Four Pillars of Fitness" she learned in her military training to help her students.

Harris has taught the teenagers how to meditate and practice yoga.

“We do examples of mindfulness, how to deal under stress, under pressure," said Harris. "We have teenagers who are transitioning to young adulthood and these are tools and resources they can take along with them."

Thursday afternoon the students were drawing self-portraits that illustrate the "Four Pillars" which focus on the physical, mental, social and wholeness.

Students said the lessons have helped them in all areas of their lives.

“It was extremely helpful in learning how to calm yourself when you're in a very stressful situation,"  said Mary Turner, a Junior at Rider. 

Harris also makes her office a safe space where students can stop by throughout the day.

She hopes the "Four Cornerstones" can help students manage their lives and respond to problems in ways that show resilience.

She said, “I just wanted to give them tools and resources so that when it comes down to making certain decisions they didn't have to make permanent decisions based off of temporary situations.”

Rider students will be showcasing their self-portraits at the Kemp Center for the Arts on April 14 in Communities in Schools' Youth Art and Talent Expo.

It is being held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is free attend.

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