Vernon ISD: Central Elem. impacted by heating issue

Vernon ISD: Central Elem. impacted by heating issue

VERNON,TX(RNN Texoma) - Officials with Vernon ISD have released a statement regarding a boiler issue at Central Elementary.

Superintendent Jeff Byrd said in a statement the boiler is out of order and the district is currently searching for an alternative option to heat the building without overrunning circuits and breakers.

"Unfortunately, we are not going to have any heat in the building tomorrow, and after the building sits cold all night, it's really going to be cold tomorrow morning," Byrd said in a statement.

The boiler issue will impact how student's school day will function on Tuesday. Byrd said students will report to Central Elementary as usual Tuesday morning.

They will stay in the cafeteria for breakfast and the beginning of the school day while portable heaters are used to try and keep the room warm.

Around 8 a.m. students will be taken to Wilbarger Auditorium and will watch a movie from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

After, each grade will take restroom breaks and head back to Central Elementary for lunch. Following lunch, each grade will rotate through their four core classes. A look at the schedule can be found below:

7:45 Breakfast at Central
8:00 Buses to Auditorium
11:00 3rd Grade to Central for lunch (go to Homeroom at 11:45)
11:40 2nd Grade to Central for lunch (go to Homeroom at 12:25)

12:40-3:10 2nd grade goes to core classes (35 min each)
12:00-3:10 3rd grade goes to core classes (45 min each)
3:10 All back to homeroom to release for the day. We will release at 3:20 as normal.

Officials are hopeful the weather will warm up and school can resume as normal on Wednesday and Thursday.

Parts for the boiler have been ordered and the system should be up and running before Friday according to school officials.

In the meantime, alternative means of heating will be used. If need be, another alternative schedule will be set if students and faculty are unable to stay on campus for a full school day.

Parents are being asked to bundle children up each day this week to help keep them warm.

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