City unveils new four-way stop signs downtown

City unveils new four-way stop signs downtown

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - When you head downtown Tuesday morning, be prepared to stop.

The city of Wichita Falls has added all-way stop signs to 12 intersections downtown.

"It is more of the foot traffic," said Brandice Snomuden who likes to walk around downtown.  "You are taking your life in your hands when you're crossing the street."

"You can't see around the cars to pull out, and nobody knows when to go for sure," said Cynthia Adair, who just moved back to Wichita Falls.

In 2017, the Wichita Falls Traffic Department did a study of downtown.

They found that the increased amount of traffic downtown called for a change.

"Some of the new businesses coming in and more visitors downtown, it was just going to be safer for the public and pedestrians," said traffic superintendent, Larry Wilkinson.

Snomuden is excited to see things getting safer.

"It will make it safer for foot traffic, which is what we really want downtown, as far as businesses and the different galleries and things like that, you want people walking in and out," said Snomuden.

The traffic department study shows 12 different crowded intersections.

The number one priority for the department is keeping everyone who comes downtown safe.

"We want to make it safer for the driving public as well as pedestrians," said Wilkinson.

"I hope it will make people stop and maybe consider there are people crossing the street," said Snomuden.

The following intersections will have the stop signs installed:

8th/Ohio, 9th/Ohio, 7th/Indiana, 8th/Indiana, 9th/Indiana, 11th/Indiana, 12th/Indiana, 7th/Lamar, 9th/Lamar, 11th/Lamar, 14th/Lamar, 15th/Lamar.

The city will also remove flashing beacons located at 7th/Ohio and 9th/Lamar.

The new stop signs will be unveiled Tuesday morning.

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