New voting method for upcoming WF bond election

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - For people like Wichita Falls resident Cynthia Peterson, voting on an all-inclusive bond referendum feels like being backed into a corner, "There was a lot of times I found that I voted against it since I couldn't pick what I wanted out of it."

This time, the Wichita Falls City Council is taking a new voting approach.

Wichita Falls' Mayor Santellana said, "It gives our citizens options when it comes to the proposition style that we're doing. This way they can pick and choose from those seven propositions. If they like five out of seven of them, vote yes on five of them vote no on the other ones."

Some residents like the new a la carte style of voting, but others have their reservations.

Resident Julie Lamberth said, "not enough people would vote for one thing and we would be stuck with just a small percentage of votes and not a real majority."

While a 50% plus one majority is needed on each proposition to pass, voters are not limited to how many propositions they can support.

Mayor Santellana wants it to increase voter turnout and get more propositions through, "I'm hoping that this puts a spark on some people who are maybe pro-lake or pro-MPEC. People that really want to see downtown development happen. I'm hoping that they'll have the opportunity to come and vote for those things separately

Those who spend most of their time downtown feel it could work in their favor. 

Odd Duck barista Krystal Merkel says, "…if we can choose to get downtown thriving that's what we're going to go for, that's what we're going to aim for."

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