WF Bond proposition advocates support entire proposal

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Advocates for the 2018 Wichita Falls bond proposal are hoping voters will give the green light for their particular projects, but many say the bond as a whole can benefit the entire city of Wichita Falls.

"We're very pleased with the council's decision to pass those bonds for election on May 5th to upgrade the MPEC," said Brian Hoffman.

Hoffman has been running the MPEC for about two years, and two of the propositions, totaling more than $3.6 million, directly impact his facility.

He said without the upgrades the MPEC's business could suffer.

"We have to put our best foot forward to attract those individuals and clients," said Hoffman.

"We have to have the amenities of what the expectations are for these groups that come in."

He is not the only one celebrating the milestone.

Jana Schmader, Executive Director of Downtown Wichita Falls Development, is looking forward to bringing some of their goals to life.

The downtown portion of the bond totals $21.9 million and will go to streetscaping, a splash pad, and infrastructure.

"We're excited to have this opportunity to take it to the voters and to hopefully have them turn out in support of this," said Schmader.

Lake lovers are hoping the same for their proposition.

"To see the city bring to the public an opportunity for them to say yes we want to see something like this done, yes I don't mind my taxes going up a little bit," said Stephen Garner." "I am thrilled we are up to this point."

If voted through, tax dollars will go towards the Veteran's Memorial Plaza, the Circle Trail from Marina to Barnett Road onshore and a boat ramp.

While these advocates are pushing for their projects, they are also rooting for each other.

"Every one of the things that are on there are things that the community needs," said Garner.

Hoffman believes every item will enhance citizen's quality.

"I'm hoping the community will support all of it," said  Schmader.

They also said they like the fact that the bond is broken down because it gives the voters the chance to choose exactly what they want and see where their tax dollars will go.

Early voting starts April 23 and Election day is May 5.

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