WF City Council hopes to educate voters on bond election

Now that the council has approved the bond election set to take place on May 5, they say their next step is to get voters informed. District 4 Councilor Jesse Brown says, "We want to educate the public on what they're voting for and we want to encourage them to come out and vote. We're thinking about ways that we can continue our education process."

There are seven propositions that impact numerous areas in the city, one being improvements to downtown.

Others include lifestyle improvements around Lake Wichita and renovations for the MPEC, which the general manager of the MPEC is passionate about, "These facilities are heavily used by our community and by people coming into our community. What we really want to do is showcase our facilities that we have."

Mayor Santellana says the city is working to educate citizens about what the bond would cover.

He adds that it is also up to individual voters to do their own research and bring their opinions to the polls. He said, "Take time to educate yourselves. That's the biggest part of the process is actually taking time to educate themselves on what they're voting on."