Texas Senate Dist. 30 Profile: Rep. Pat Fallon

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Pat Fallon has served as the Texas Representative of Denton County for over five years.

Now he's throwing his hat in the Texas Senate District 30 race, hoping to defeat Nocona businessman Craig Carter and take the seat of Senator Craig Estes.

"It was a head-scratching moment when the incumbent Senator voted with all the Democrats to protect sanctuary cities," Representative Fallon said. "Now he denies that he did it, but he did."

He said that's just one reason why he's running for state Senate.

Representative Fallon believes Senator Estes has spent too much time in Austin and not enough in his district.

"If you don't meet with the stakeholders, how are you going to be fully informed," Representative Fallon asked.

He said there is a lot he wants to do beginning with filing the Texas Historical Protection Act.

"All of our war monuments and historical monuments will be protected in perpetuity so we can get on to other issues," Representative Fallon said.

And after that?

"We need to provide property tax relief to homeowners," he said. "I think we should drug test welfare recipients. I think we should deny welfare benefits to anybody in this country illegally. And we need to protect life, the second amendment, and religious liberty."

Representative Fallon is passionate about running. He said he grew up in a modest family, but never felt helped or even noticed by those in power.

"I swore then that if I was ever in a position as an adult to help people, I would never make anybody feel as small as some of the people made my parents and me feel," he said. "I ask myself that every morning Pat are you going to make everyone you encounter today feel like a giant?"

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