Jewelry store offers free gun with the purchase of a ring

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - For Valentine's Day, people may give or receive heartfelt, romantic gifts. Others spend time with friends.

Some pop the question. Goldcreations, a jewelry store in Wichita Falls, is offering customers the chance to buy a ring and get a .22 caliber rifle.

While getting jewelry with the bonus of a gun may seem like an unorthodox Valentine's Day gift, Goldcreations is saying customers are loving it.

This isn't the first store in Texas to do this type of sale. A jewelry store in Lubbock did the same thing a couple of years ago. The owner of Goldcreations feels that in Texas, guns and jewelry just go hand in hand.

One man had his wife buy enough jewelry to get two free guns so they could go hunting together.

For customers to receive the gun, they will have to spend at least $3,000.

The owner of store said customers shouldn't expect to walk out with jewelry and a gun on the same day. They'll send you to their partner to fill out the paperwork to legally own the gun. After that, customers will be able to take their rifle home.

The store has had a lot of positive feedback. "We've been very pleased with it. We've had a lot of interest, and it's been so successful we'll actually be carrying it over by the end of this month," store owner Tom Russo said

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