WF amateur radio society looks to add millennials

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Wichita Falls Amateur Radio Society says people should still look to amateur radio operators in the event of an emergency, even when everyone can get instant updates on their mobile devices.

During emergencies, cell towers tend to get over crowded. At those times, radio is the only way to communicate.

The club consists mostly of people over age 40. So, they are making an effort to get young people involved.

Even though they're struggling to get young people to join, families are playing a part in peaking their kids' interests and helping them get licenses.  

There are some in their 30s that are joining so they can have an extra line of communication during emergencies. 31-year-old Walter Lambert said, "I live in a rural part of the Wichita Falls area. The power goes out on a regular basis. I have no aspiration to be storm spotter but to be able to talk back and forth with some of these guys."

What keeps the group moving forward is the chance to help the community.

The W.A.R.S. club president Chuck Schotta said, "The service in the community is kind of what drives a lot of these folks. We're usually in a red flag situation for wild fires and stuff like that, so it's really cool that people step up and do this."

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