WF residents can vote on street maintenance

© Wichita Falls residents can vote on a bond to fill potholes.
© Wichita Falls residents can vote on a bond to fill potholes.

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls residents who want smoother roads will get the chance to vote for them in May.

Proposition-3 will invest more than $17 million for street maintenance and $11 million of that bond money would be used for maintaining and repairing city streets and roads.

"It's necessary to fix the roads," Robin Hallford a Wichita Falls resident said. "It's a discomfort being jolted. You know? Instead of going nice and smooth."

"Sometimes you can't see them until you hit them," Vi Sparks another resident said.

Sparks said she always had to deal with damaged roads. "Since we lived here. There's always potholes."

Wichita Falls Deputy Director of Public Works Teresa Rose said potholes can cost anywhere from $6 to $200 or maybe even more. She said it depends on the number of materials used and man-hours.

Rose said just last week the pothole crew filled 80 potholes and that number may go up. She said the change in climate can do that.

"We also notice we'll get more potholes say in the March-April time frame and then in the August time frame."

She said busy streets and roads may get the worst of it.

"[Potholes can happen] more at intersections where you have more stop and go traffic," Rose said. "It can be on roads that can have heavier loads."
"Lebanon and Lawrence and there's quite a few back over here close around Old High," Hallford said.

Rose said pothole crews are always on the lookout to repair damaged roads but still need help.

"If the citizens see something a pothole or problem, a pothole on the street, to report it and let us know," Rose said.

The other $6 million would go to pay for widening and improving Taft from Southwest Parkway to Kemp and extending Maplewood Avenue to McNeil.

You can report a pothole in your area by calling Wichita Falls Public Works (940) 761-7970.

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