WF church opens community garden

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Over a year ago, Park Place Christian Church decided that they wanted to focus more on outreach and missions. Now, they have opened a garden for the community in hopes of bringing their goals into fruition.

The community garden has already grown in popularity less than a month after being opened. It contains ten 5' x 6' plant beds and all but one is already completely leased out.

The church has started the next phase in expanding the garden. They plan to add 10 more plant beds. They also plan to add a "blessing box" where any extra produce they grow can be taken by anyone who wants it. They are also wanting to donate to the food bank.

The church is already donating one of the plant beds out to University Academy – a school across the street from the church – to teach the kids how to plant food.

Because of the winter weather, only cool weather plants have been planted so far. When it gets warmer, they plan to add piping and netting that will provide shade to protect the plants.

Right now, the garden contains: onions, radish, peas, carrots, spinach, parsley, and potatoes.

Building the garden has brought the community together as well. The church was helped by local businesses in the area to come up with layout plans and water hose piping.

The garden is located on Call Field Rd. and University Dr. Leasing one of the planting beds for the year costs $50 for a full bed, or $25 FOR A HALF BED. To reserve a bed call Park Place Christian Church: (940) 692-0165.

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