Local Pastor remembers Rev. Billy Graham

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - "I had mixed feelings you know, you're sad because you've lost a great person but you're excited for him," Faith Baptist Church Pastor Craig Lile said. "He was 98, or 99 years old and he was going home where he had been looking forward to being. Last few years he talked about how eager he was to be back with his wife."

Although, Pastor Lile didn't personally meet Reverend Billy Graham he knew him pretty well.

Pastor Lile said he will always remember Graham as a humble and loving man.

"He was a phenomenal communicator. He connected with people from every age, gender, and background," Pastor Lile said.

Graham's message to all was simple and Pastor Lile said he was very understanding.

"He wasn't controversial like a lot of people today," Pastor Lile said. "He didn't set a hard line that divided people. He was always very uniting and very gentle."

On a Facebook post, Grace Church Pastor Reggie Coe said Graham made a big impact in his life.

He also said he had the opportunity to attend one of his crusades in Tennessee.

"In his autobiography he said, one of the first things he wanted to ask God when he got to heaven was why would God choose a farm boy from North Carolina and give him a gift to speak to so many people," Pastor Lile said.

He adds for many pastors who had been in Ministry for several of years Graham was someone to look up to.

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