WF Firefighter face challenges due with severe weather

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Work gets especially busy for first responders during severe winter weather. The Wichita Falls Fire Department spoke about what challenges they have faced due to the conditions.

They said that today they have had to respond to a couple of house fires -- one caused by a space heater – but, their biggest problems have been the roads.

Wichita Falls Fire Department Lieutenant Matthew Childs said that their own vehicles require a lot of safety measures for winter weather, and that working out on the icy freeways puts the firefighters in even more danger of being hit.

He said, "We've got precautions that we take with our pumps on our units. We have chains for our tires for snow and ice if we need them…we're constantly having to watch out for slipping accidents."

Because the days tend to be busier than usual, they start a special rotation so none of the firefighters get too cold, or too tired.

Lt. Childs understands that some people have to go out for work or emergencies, but he wants to stress that if you don't have to – then please stay inside.

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