WF trash collection to proceed on Friday

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Due to the weather conditions, trash pickup schedules were delayed since Tuesday. Wichita Falls Sanitation has had to hold off because of safety reasons. The ice adds extra weight to the trucks, and combined with the road conditions the trucks tend to slide around. Now that the ice seems to be melting, the deputy director of Wichita Falls Public Works says they plan to get back on schedule on Friday and Saturday.

Deputy Director Teresa Rose explained that the ice just had not melted soon enough for garbage trucks to start picking up today.

She said, "It was just going to be too icy and by the time that the residential streets would be safe to pass and the alleys would be safe to pass it was going to be late in the day. We can't work past a certain time because we have permit requirements at our transfer station and landfill."

Their routes tomorrow will take longer than normal for a Friday, and the trucks will be full due to all that backed up trash. The routes that they had today have been pushed to Saturday.

Deputy Director Rose ensured that they will be able to complete their routes in the next two days. As far as clearing the roads, they've worked on draining the ice buildup today before the next rain fall.

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