Burkburnett High School expands STEM courses

BURKBURNETT, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Students at Burkburnett High School, are expanding into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

A new grant allows the school is able to add more to their current program that started 3 years ago.

Memphis Shepherd is a Sophomore at Burkburnett High School.

He spent last weekend at a statewide competition in robotics, where he took the robot he built and put it to the test.

"We are supposed to stack cones on top of cones and then take them into a little goal," said Shepherd.  "Once that was achieved, you either won or you lost."

He can continue learning through high school with the help of a grant given by the Texas Department of Defense to expand stem education.

Casey Hunter is the STEM coordinator.

"We want our students to have hands-on engaging activities," said Hunter.   "That way when they go out in the real world it is not new.  If they (the students)  go to college or the military or workforce they're already prepared for that."

Taylor Baughn is a Sophomore taking engineering classes.

"Last year we did an earthquake project," said Baughn.  "We built a tower and it would shake it and we could know how much a person can take a how much a building could take without breaking."

Baughn is the only girl in her Engineering class, but she said that is preparing her for the future.

"It shows how the world experience is going to be," said Baughn.  "I am probably going to be the only girl in my college class too."

One thing all of these students agree on, is that the world is changing and adding more STEM.

Jaxx Bale is a senior headed to the University of Oklahoma in the fall to study engineering.

"There a lot of fields and open areas for STEM and anything of science," said Bale.  "It is very good to open up to everyone because there are so many opportunities for people."

"The world is changing," said Hunter.  "With the advancement in technology careers are adapting in increasing their STEM.  We want our students to be ready to enter that world," said Hunter.

One goal of Burkburnett High School is seeing more girls taking STEM courses.

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